As a teacher of ballroom dancing, it is always useful to have some ballroom dancing games to make our dance class more fun. When it comes to teaching kids ballroom dancing, sometimes it is best to give them a chance to take a break from their routine. We incorporate fun and games into our lessons to make it always a fun experience when learning ballroom dancing.

To make your ballroom dance classes more enjoyable try to give them games that are relevant to the dance steps they are learning. That way they will be still getting the benefits of learning but in a fun way.

Here are a few ideas that you can use in your dance class to ensure your pupils get more enjoyment out of the lesson;

1. Musical Chairs:

  • This is an old favorite game to use in your kids dance class.
  • Set up chairs in a row back to back
  • Play the music and tell the children what steps they need to practice around the chairs.
  • When the music stops the kids must sit on a chair.
  • Each time you start and stop the music take away a chair until you have the winner

Tip: Get the pupils who go out of the game early to do some stretches in between the game to improve their flexibility

2. Musical Statues

  • Play music and have the children dance to a particular dance while the music is playing.
  • When the music stops have the children freeze.
  • Should a child flinch, they are out of the game.
  • Continue the game until you have winner.


3. Clapping to the rhythm

Sometimes getting a child to dance is one thing, but it can be hard for them to hear the rhythm which is very important for improving with their dancing.

  • Choose a song, and instead of them dancing to the song have them clap the rhythm.
  • Start without the music and have them guess what style of ballroom dance it is.
  • Keep a score, whichever child gets the most amount of dances wins.


Feel free to leave any other ideas on ballroom dancing games that you have used or incorporated in your own teaching.